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  1. Thompson’s Packaging: Proud Suppliers of Bowen Pies

    Thompsons Packaging suppliers to Bowen PiesThompsons Packaging suppliers to Bowen Pies
    Thompsons Packaging suppliers to Bowen Pies

    You may have seen Bowen Pies recently on TV as Chorley businessman Paul Bowen appeared on BBC’s The Apprentice. 

    Back in 2020, Paul opened his own pie shop, which was attached to his father’s butchers. Since then, the nationwide demand for pies has increased, making Bowen Pies one of the country's top thriving pie businesses. Not only does Bowen Pies deliver baked goods right to your doorstep, but they are also the main supplier of Manchester City Football Club. When Paul approached us with an idea to launch “Pies by Post”, we had the solution to ensure that Bowen Pies would reach customers nationwide safely and swiftly.

    One of the most critical aspects of shipping food goods, like pies, is maintaining the ideal temperature throughout the journey. Without compromising the quality and freshness of the product, we crafted a temperature-controlled box that is tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

    These specialised cool temperature-controlled boxes are designed to provide optimal insulation and protection, ensuring that your goods remain fresh and delicious during transit. Whether it’s a flaky chicken pot pie or freshly baked brownies, customers can trust that their orders will arrive at their doorstep in perfect condition, thanks to the meticulous attention

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  2. Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags

    Printed Paper Twist Handle Carrier Bags

    Printed paper twist-handle carrier bags are another way of displaying your company and brand to its best potential.  This week we have taken yet another delivery of the latest item that makes up part of the suite of products we supply to Novikov Restaurant in Mayfair London.   Novikov has a total brand solution that implements its identity across a range of products.  The latest addition of printed paper twist-handle carrier bags adds another way for Novikov to display their high-class dining brand across London.

    Pictured opposite is a bag made from high quality, 110 gsm weight paper, with a twist handle and ethically produced, and 100% recyclable.  

    Twisted-Handle Paper Carrier bags give the luxurious style of a hand-made rope handle but at a lower cost. Complete with a two colour logo printed on two sides. The side gussets and free-standing base make a fold-flat, easy to store bag that provides lots of space inside once unfolded.

    Twist-handle paper carrier bags are perfect for a range of retail outlets, from high-class fashion, to farmers markets, and high-class food outlets. Certified food-safe, you can use these bags with guaranteed peace of mind that they are perfect for the job at hand, and presenting your product and business to its utmost potential.

    We can work with you to help you choose the style, colour and design of your bag.  These bags can be the perfect individual packaging item. As Novikov has done, you can also use them alongside other printed packaging products we at Thompsons Packaging

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